wca3.jpgwcexc2.jpgThis experiment explores the aspect of less tangible things affecting our perception of sound, such as oral communication and posture. The Wayne Cook excercises arose from a discussion on PWB’s forum, regarding how Mr. Belt once noted that “someone telling a lie in a room playing music can cause the sound to be perceived as worse – not just by the one person telling the lie but by everyone else present in the room”1. He also observed how people changing their body posture, ie. crossing or uncrossing their ankles or legs, or folding or unfolding their arms can adversely affect the sound for everyone present in the room. I haven’t tested all these observations, but I went so far as crossing/uncrossing my ankles once, and found it did have an effect (I forget which position was superior, at the moment…).

From that, one of the PWB forum members shared these excercises from Wayne Cook’s “Touch For Health”. wcexc1.jpgThese exercises are intended for those who’ve had a bad day at work, are in a stressful mood, or experience unexplicable deterioration of hifi sound. As he stated, the posture described in the exercises is meant to deliberately confuse your body/brain so that it even doesn’t know what is left or right anymore. It can be performed regularly (before listening) as a sort of mind/body “refresher”, for balance and relaxation, which helps to enjoy music reproduction. Or it can be performed just once for the purposes of experimentation! Each position is to be held for about half a minute.

Footnotes: 1(I would add that it should be taken as a given that all Beltian effects are not restricted to the person who implemented the effect, but  by anyone listening, regardless of whether they are aware of the implementation).