socks.jpgThis is another one of those “I don’t believe it!” moments, where you say it can’t be true, or it’s all in the mind. Well, yes, arguably, all hearing is mostly in the mind (you can’t separate the hearing mechanism from the brain that processes hearing). But nevertheless, if that implies imaginary, well I’ve tried it, and I don’t believe this experiment is. You’re free to draw your own conclusions, as one does with everything else, I hope. This experiment was published in a UK Hi-Fi audio magazine I once read. Made the front cover, even! (The socks on the cover were red, so I don’t know if that makes a difference!). The suggestion is, even the socks we wear can change our perception of sound. So…. remove one, listen, put it back on, listen again. See if you are able to detect an improvemen or degradation. If you can, see if anyone else can as well, because hypothetically speaking, if it helps to change perception of sound for you, it will also have the same effect on others, even if they are not aware of what has been done1.


Footnotes: 1As with most other things, this is only likely to show up under careful listening. Meaning… don’t take one of your socks off and expect your spouse at the end of the hall is going to be wowed by the change in sound. Expect a subtle change, if any.