quartzrok.jpgOne of my own techniques, an earlier experiment…. It came about one day during the winter when I was at a video wholesalers, and at the entrance of the business was a box which contained, what I presumed to be, rock salt for improving traction for pedestrians and cars. Turns out not quite salt, it was industrial quartz rock crystal manufactured for the same use as common rock salt. Like most people, I thought “Wonder what this sounds like?”. So I grabbed a handful and had a listen. My instincts, as usual, were sharp! It had a pretty good effect. Not great, in the end, but fun to try for a first time experiment. If you can’t find quartz crystal, try rock salt, it might have a similar effect anyway. It is then piled on top of equipment in a rectangular shape, such as shown on a cd player in the photo. (I also tried other formations, such as scattering a bit of it randomly, which has a different effect).