the_catalogue.jpgLong before the controversy over Belt’s groundbreaking discoveries in audio and the controversial products that resulted from that, Peter Belt was making groundbreaking inroads into building state of the art speaker and headphone systems that rivalled the very best products of their day. Long before today, before audio journalists in the British hifi publications were forbidden or too intimidated to publish positive reviews on Belt’s products, there were many positive reviews on Peter’s products. And long before he retreated from public life, there were even interviews with him. Controversy however, it must be stated, always surrounded the announcement of his products, and indeed, any mention of them.

I think it helps to put The Belt Story in perspective, by reaching into the back catalogue of Beltian history to uncover what many people, whether critics, or even Beltists themselves, may not know about the father of avant-garde audio. The Library consists entirely of excerpted print publications, and includes commentaries of Mr. Belt’s products and ideas, interviews with the man himself, and an overview of some of his pioneering state-of-the-art products and designs within the realm of conventional audio engineering, before he discovered what is now known as “The Belt Effect”. If you have any interest in how the whole hulabaloo started, how it evolved over the years, and some positive affirmations from the industry back then to help put things in perspective today… then I suggest you read ‘em quick before the take-down order!