thh757b.jpgWhen I discovered this effect, I created a website solely for the purpose of demonstrating it (“Photographs As Devices”). Complete with files you could download to hear the effect of the effect, as applied to some cd burners I had. Beltists have long known about the effects of photographs on sound, thanks to Peter’s research into this aspect of what we all know today as the “The Belt Phenomenon”. Contrary to popular opinion, there isn’t anything magical, mystical, or metaphysical about photographs used in this manner, if you read up on the subject on the PWB website. I haven’t included some of the more advanced experiments Beltists use with photographs, because I considered they were too advanced for those at the introductory stage of Beltism, and those techniques might seem too “intimidating”, causing a (sadly all-too-common) reactionary backlash against the ideas.

I don’t know if this variation of Peter’s research is really going to appear any more sane than the more commonly used ideas that are centered around the powers of photographs. Even if it doesn’t to the uninitiated, at the very least, it’s real easy to try! All you have to do is place a photo on something. Yup, that’s about it! Want some variations? Okay, you could tape the photo to the object! Where would you tape it? Well, your audio equipment naturally! That’d be a good place to start. Stick them to the usual hotspots in and around audio components and speakers.

Which photos do you install? That’s where it gets interesting. Because different photos each create different sonic characteristics. Some are worse than others. Of course, when I say “photo”, I mean “image”. It doesn’t have to be an actual traditional photograph, it could be a photocopy of a photo, or one printed on an inkjet. But each type will also have different sonic characteristics, and even photocopies of the same photo can differ in sound! (I would take an educated guess and say that a higher res image on photographic paper probably sounds better than a lower res copy of the same image printed out on regular paper. But I haven’t tested this). As for the content of the photo, Beltists tend to go with photos with meaning. Meaning… it could be an image of your loved ones, or your beloved stereo system, your car, your friends, your house…. Other good images might come from generic photos of images that represent popular global symbols/themes (such as the earth), or flora/fauna.