audiovideo.jpgThis was one of those that bowled me over, when I heard it. And at the time, I was busy convincing myself that it was a nice experiment, but no way was it going to make a difference! So if you have good listening skills but have never done such an experiment, you might want to make sure you’re sitting down when you hear the after effect. How it works: magnets are bad1. So the cure is simple. make ‘em disappear! Remove ALL magnetic objects from the listening room that are practical to do so. This includes video tapes and audio cassette tapes (which contain magnetic particles). (The first time I tried it, it was just the video tapes I had removed). If you need to, repeat the process of replacing them and removing them to identify the effect it can have on sound perception.


Footnote: 1Okay, I’ll admit it’s not quite that simple. Magnets are not entirely audiophile kryptonite. Sometimes, magnets can be used for good, depending on where and how they are placed, or also whether they’ve been treated. By that I mean PWB, ironically, has magnetic devices that you place on components and things.