(aka “The Moon & Earth Device” aka “The Earth & Sky Device”):

heaven.jpgWhatever you choose to call it, it’s another brilliant idea from the brilliant mind of P.W.B. This one makes use of the fact that humans are also sensitive to color and shade, as well as shape and form, particularly as these characteristics interact with the objects that we (we, our senses) interact with. So here, we are changing the pattern of energy on an object with the colours, shades and shapes we will apply to it.

Using plain dull matte black paper, cut out rectangles 15mm in length and about 2-3mm wide. Now snip off the 4 corners of the rectangle (tiny snips only, otherwise you will create a point! We want 8 sides to the rectangle). The black rectangle will be placed on the top surface of objects, pointing toward Heaven. Next, using plain glossy violet coloured paper, cut out a square. This square will be placed (or taped) on the underside of the object you placed the black rectangle on, so pointing toward earth. The larger you make the square, the greater the effect. Of course, you can’t make it larger than the object you’re attaching it to.

What do you treat? A good place to start is your audio components. Tape (whenever you use tape, always use the smallest amount you can) or simply place the black rectangle in the center of the top lid of your amp, and the violet square gets taped to the centre of the bottom cover of the amp. You can do the same for the cd player, the speakers, etc. Obviously, this has no direct effect on the signal or air pressure waves, but it can have a profound effect on our perception of sound (depending as always, on your listening skill). To bring that point home, you can also install the Heaven & Eearth technique on things that have nothing to do with audio equipment, such as the furniture the equipment rests on, your kitchen table, your desk, shelves in the listening room, etc. This is relatively fast and easy, and if they’re good cutters, you can even get your kids to do the devices for you! Beltism for the whole family!