emoto.jpgThe page provides the reader with a means of a preliminary evaluation ofThe Freeze Technique, as listed in the Free Tweaks section, without having to go through a two-day experiment and all it entails. (It is of course, not meant to substitute for the actual experiment, but it’ll give you a quick n’ dirty idea). What makes this test different, is that it isn’t mine. I shared the freeze technique with other members of a discussion forum, and one took it upon himself to produce recordings before and after “The Big Freeze”. What you will find below is one of three pairs of mp3 test recordings, taken off an mp4 player. Most notable in his results, is that he observed that not only had the sound improved, but there was a nagging background noise on the player that disappeared after “The Big Freeze”. Furthermore, he reports that after viewing the waveforms of each file, the post-freeze version showed cleaner step responses. Details can be found in this thread.