Colgate_Toothpaste.jpgI call this one “The Colgate Device”, but it’s just as effective with any other brand of fluoride toothpaste. I got the idea when brushing my teeth at night and thinking, as many people might, “I wonder what the toothpaste box sounds like?”. “Interesting” was the answer, but even more “interesting” was the toothpaste inside the box. I’ve included this in my list of Free Audio Tricks, because it’s something that everyone has on hand. Who doesn’t brush their teeth?

Start by smearing a small amount of fluoride toothpaste on the various hot spots (described elsewhere) located on your audio equipment (ie. near the jacks, on or near the power cable going into the component, the edges of the top cover, back of speakers, etc). Like with everything, the more you apply, the greater the effect. So I think that even those with less refined listening skills, there’s a good chance of catching this one if you apply enough (for those with refined listening skills however, who have no problem hearing its effect, you can easily apply too much!).

Don’t throw the box away, the box is a device too!  On some of  the newer Colgate (or other) boxes, there is a laser-etched design. If you have this type of a box, cut out a sliver of the carton (about 2mm x 15mm) of a solid color. Simply place this on the Compact Disc logo of a non-playing CD.  See if your sound has changed.