tables10.jpgSo called because it attempts to convert 4-legged apparatus to 3-legged, which is less adverse to human senses. This very simple device only requires you cut a small circle of plain blue paper and place it under one of the 4 feet of your equipment (try the front right foot). You can start with your amplifier perhaps, and do the same for the rest of your 4-legged audio equipment, including the equipment rack. That ought to register a change!

If you find it does, and your mind starts veering off towards the conventional hypotheses that it must be controlling resonances, then try this: put the same circle of paper under a 4-legged table or chair. If you’re still thinking “resonances”, fine then, treat a chair or table in another room! It will have a similar effect. (I told you, none of these techniques can be explained by conventional physics!).

n.b. Depending how knowledgable you are of Beltism, you may or may not have heard of the more popular bluedot.jpgvariation of this idea, which utilizes a square of white paper to remove the fourth leg. I tested both ideas, by placing each under a leg of a coffee table and alternately listening to Van Morrison’s “The Great Deception”1 on both devices, via a battery-operated MP4 player. Use the blue circle.


1Yes, I know…. “how ironic”. <yawn>