arlingandcameron.jpgThis  section deals with print articles from the UK audio press that review, or rather comment on Peter or his work.They explain in vivid detail what the Belt controversy and experience is all about. They make for quite a contrast to what was being said about Peter in all the articles printed in the American Stereophile magazine (the only North American audio print publication that has published any articles about Peter Belt, far as I know). A magazine, I might add, that has never formally tested a single product from PWB. Apparently because even after 25 years, they have yet to find a single reviewer “willing to suspend his disbelief in order to test the products”, according to its editor.

I have seen some credible speculation on the discussion forums that suggests Stereophile writes articles bashing small alternative audio manufacturers, simply because they are deemed “expendable”. So even if they are deemed “expendable”, and not a threat to Stereophile’s advertising revenues, why bash them? Good question. Because doing so creates controversy, and controversy sells magazines. It’s basically what the National Enquirer and other supermarket tabloids make their living off of. It’s a cynical world we live in, to be sure!

The print magazine articles featured are a glimpse at a slightly less cynical and more open time in the audio world, and despite the fact that they were published amidst a swirl of controversy, at least they were published! The courage seen from these journalists, and their editors, is far more than can be found in the North American audio print publications of the period. I wonder what this says about how progressive the Americans are? Anyway! I hope you find the commentaries and articles in this section from the UK audio press, commenting on Peter and his discoveries, to be enlightening or informative.


Commentary by Keith Howard, editor. Hi-Fi Answers




alvingoldCommentary by Alvin Gold, Stereophile.